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Yeti's Post Journal

Yetis are notoriously hard to track down. However, last year we roved deep into the Teton and Big Hole ranges, searching for signs of Sasquatch, deep powder, and prime single track. On the last night of our mission we returned to camp to find the man himself, Bigfoot, squatting by our campfire, reading the newspaper and eating an Old Fashioned. We bribed him with cold brews to spend the evening with us, and share some of his woody wisdom. Most of our conversation that night revolved around how hard it is to find ski boots for a foot that big, and how most folks don't know what real good bacon tastes like.

At the end of the evening, just before he disappeared back into the woods, our yeti friend handed us a huge, leather-bound book that smelled of spring moss and stale bear spray. He'd been keeping a journal, and decided it was time to share it with the world. We'll be publishing excerpts here, as well as sharing news and information about the restaurant.

And if too you seek the wisdom of the yeti, we can't tell you exactly how to find him, but a good start would be leaving some size 55 ski boots, along with a canned margarita and a bag of old fashions up at the Wedge. Maybe you'll get as lucky as we did.

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