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With the Right People: Clawson Greens

Part Two of a series highlighting some of the vendors and companies we work with.

Here at Yeti's Post we pride ourselves on offering some of the best breakfast and lunch options in the valley, with everything from the best bacon you've ever had, to incredible vegetarian sandwiches and bowls. And one of our favorite ingredients is our locally grown Clawson Greens.

Many restaurants throw on their greens as an afterthought. Limp sprouts that were shipped thousands of miles. Slimy lettuce from across the country. But we hate bad greens, and only want to garnish our sandwiches and salads with the best. So we go with Clawson.

Clawson Greens are grown in a repurposed shipping container less than 15 miles from our restaurant. They're as local as it gets. And you can taste it in the greens. They're always fresh, with that perfect crunch and pop. The perfect compliment to our food.

But there's more to these greens than meets the eye. Unsurprisingly, thanks to its frigid winters, Teton Valley isn't the best place to grow vegetables all year round. Unless you're Clawson. They use some of the most up to date, state of the art, environmentally friendly systems available to make sure their greens take as little of a toll on our fragile environment as possible. Their greens are grown hydroponically, in a clean environment. Unlike some veggies that need to be thoroughly washed before eating, Clawson Greens are ready to eat immediately.

We love local food. And we love having the ability to serve perfectly ripe, hyper local, environmentally conscious greens year round. That's why we use Clawson.

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