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With the right people: Alpine Air Coffee

Part One of a series highlighting some of the vendors and companies we work with.

Our tagline is "Food for Mountain People" and most of that food is sold in the morning. Mountain people don't just want food in the morning. They want food and hot coffee. That's why we pride ourselves on being a full service coffee shop, as well as a restaurant. It doesn't matter how great our breakfast burrito is, if you're groggily eating it while chugging crappy gas station coffee.

We don't drink bad coffee, and you shouldn't have to either. That's a big part of why we partnered with Alpine Air Coffee Roasting. Alpine Air is based just 10 minutes down the road from Yeti's Post, their coffee is incredible, and their values line up with ours 100%. Alpine Air is coffee for mountain people. Lots of people roast coffee that tastes good and kicks your rear into gear in the morning. Alpine Air is so much more than that.

Sure, maybe our margins would be a little better with some cheap big-name coffee. But we really don't care. The same old Toyota truck that delivers our coffee is also a hot spot for apres beers in the Grand Targhee parking lot. The people roasting our coffee are also involved with some of our favorite non-profits. They're out there building trail and influencing the youth. And they don't just make good coffee. They're dedicated to making their process as clean and sustainable as possible, all of their packaging is compostable, and their coffee share program allows you to buy in bulk and pick up your coffee at Yeti's Post, or other convenient locations.

So come by, bring your own mug, and have the first cup of your new favorite coffee, while enjoying a delicious breakfast sandwich and some donuts. We're proud to partner with Alpine Air Coffee Roasting.

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