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What's so dirty about our Horchata?

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Here at Yeti's Post we like our Horchata dirty, just like our wild woodland dancing. What? Yep, you heard us right, Dirty Horchata.

If you (like us) spent your youth frequenting the right sort of taco trucks, you're familiar with Horchata. It's a magical creamy beverage that, if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty, it made out of rice milk. We're a family friendly restaurant, so we won't get into how we milk the rice, but it's not pretty. Once you've got that precious rice milk, you mix in some sugar and cinnamon, and maybe some almonds, depending on how crazy you're feeling. Boom! Horchata! Creamy, sweet, refreshing. A perfect post ride beverage, right?

Wrong! We're yetis, and we don't mess around with your average run of the mill Horchata. Where's the fun in plain old Horchata? Nope! Instead we mix it with our own home-made cold brew coffee for some added flavor, extra ombre, and caffeine kick. It's like a rich, creamy iced coffee, except instead of milking cows into the cup, we milked rice, which is much more humane. It's refreshing, it's got all of the nutrients you need to recover from a long day in the mountains, and best of all, it's got that coffee kick to keep you partying all night long.

So swing by our shop on Little Avenue in Driggs, or our booth at Music on Main in Victor. We'll be serving up fresh Dirty Horchata all summer long, to keep you dancing in the park. Just don't mix it with your beer in an attempt to make some sort of adult Four Loko. Caffeine and alcohol don't mix like that, instead we recommend double fisting with a cup in either hand. Ditch the plane Jane horchata this summer and get a little dirty instead!

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