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The Cariboo Jack

Mountain bike races are awesome. They are also a lot of work to put on. That's why here at Yeti's Post we offer customizable event catering. No matter the size or location of your event, we can figure out meals that will work for you. Recently we got to do just that when we sponsored the inaugural Cariboo Jack Backcountry Enduro Race.

The Cariboo Jack is a pretty special event. It's a blind backcountry enduro-style race that takes place over the course of two days in the mountains around Teton Valley. The course is kept secret until the night before, but incorporates trails that have fallen off the radar and puts the spotlight on rides many folks haven't done before.

This year's race course was a compilation of the best descents the Tetons have to offer. Day one was a series of classics: Mail Cabin to Mike Sell to Grove to Corral to Red Creek to Drake. Racers got warmed up quickly, and charged hard over the course of a big day.

Day 2 was composed of lesser-known trails. It also happened to be one of the wettest days of the summer. The skies opened as riders dropped into Fog Hill, and the trail got slick and scary before it turned to wheel-jamming peanut butter. By the bottom of Stage One riders and bikes were coated in mud. Stage Two dropped racers back into the parking lot, where beer and a swimming hole greeted them. By the end of the day no one had an inch of clean skin or clothing to be found.

Back at the event's meeting area filthy, cold, hungry, wet riders stumbled in as they completed their races. Usually that's a bit of a nightmare for race organizers. It's always a challenge to hold everyone's attention until all the results come in and you can hand out awards. Luckily the event's organizers were on top of their game and had lined us out to show up with lunch.

Yeti's Post provided a huge amount of carnitas, veggies, and beans that got everyone fed, warmed up, and happy quickly. With their hunger sated riders sat around, sipped beers, and swapped yarns until the final times were tallied and it was time to hand out prizes.

Bike races are better when everyone gets fed at the end. And here at Yeti's Post, feeding hungry mountain people is what we do best.

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