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New Hours

If you're a boring person who just wants the facts with no explanation, here they are:

Yeti's Post has new hours. We're open 7-2 Wednesday-Saturday, and 7-1 on Sundays. If you come in craving donuts on Monday or Tuesday, sorry, you're out of luck.

If you want to really understand why we're making these scheduling changes, read on.

Henry Ford is generally credited as the inventor of the 40 hour, 5 day work week, way back in 1926. Before he shook things up, many employees were working 10-16 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week. And Henry Ford realized that that kind of work schedule didn't give folks any time to go shopping for the stuff they made, like his cars. So he cut hours in order to drive consumption.

What does that have to do with donuts, yetis, or other delicious breakfast foods? Henry Ford is long dead, Yeti's Post has never ascribed to a 40 hour work week schedule, and our chef doesn't even drive a Ford. On top of that, yetis have never been into the set scheduling and all-out consumption that the 40 our work week drives.

Instead, since Yeti's Post has opened, we've had a variety of hours that have shifted with the seasons. The one thing that has remained consistent with those hours is that they haven't given our head boss yeti, Seth, any real time off. At all. Before you hit "snooze" on your first alarm he's in there cranking out donuts, by the time you're ready for your morning coffee, he's slipped warm burritos to dozens of customers, and long after you've taken the shuttle home from Music on Main, stuffed with avocado naan, he's out there breaking down the Yeti's Post tent and scrubbing the griddle.

Here at Yeti's Post we don't have a traditional business structure, there's no board of directors, no CFO and CMO and CPG and NBA or NFL. Instead the all decisions are made by a group of senior yetis. Some of these same yetis can be seen performing at the restaurant when the "live nude yetis" sign is placed on the sidewalk. And these yetis looked at our old schedule and shook their large, hairy heads.

"Where is the free time to frolic with your children in wildflower strewn meadows?" they asked. "Where do you fit 'stealing beer from unsuspecting campers' into your current agenda?" "How are you supposed to keep in touch with your peaceful inner Sasquatch if there's no scheduled time to leave large mysterious footprints in the snow?" Seth looked up from the batch of kimchi he was mixing with sad, sad eyes. "I've replaced those enjoyable pursuits with time spent sweeping floors, cleaning the kitchen, and looking dejectedly at pictures of children on my phone" he replied.

Our board of senior yetis wouldn't stand for that, they changed the schedule immediately. So now, don't try to get some breakfast at Yeti's Post on a Monday or Tuesday, instead, head out into the hills, if you're lucky you might just find some massive footprints in a patch of snow high in the Tetons, or catch a glimpse of a hairy figure dancing in a meadow.

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