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Millenial Naan

Two facts:

1) Expensive avocado toast is the leading reason millennials can't afford to move out of their parents' basements.

2) Yetis can eat as much avocado toast as they want because they don't have basements. In fact, they don't really have parents in the traditional sense because all of the elders in the tribe take equal part in raising their young. And anyway, no self respecting yeti would blame the obvious effects of an inflated housing market, wage stagnation, and a changing labour ecosystem on a single generation like some washed up baby boomer who used the last metaphorical piece of toilet paper on the economic roll, and then didn't do anything about it.

Generational angst aside, avocados are great, we're big fans, but yetis have a discerning taste in carbs. We don't really believe that burning regular bread a little bit around the edges makes it something special. That's why we came up with our signature garlic avocado naan.

Naan is a bread worthy of the might of the avocado spread. It's savory, buttery, thin, smooth, and oh-so-flavorful. Add some of our signature avocado feta spread, and you've got a feast fit not just for a homeless millennial, but worthy of a mighty mountain yeti.

We debuted our avocado naan at Music on Main in Victor. It sold out. We made more, and then promptly sold out of it again. We labored night and day making naan, we even considered stopping our donut production completely and focusing on eastern flatbreads.

Now avocado garlic naan is on our permanent menu at our Driggs location, and available every Thursday at Music on Main. It's light and refreshing, but hearty and flavorful. It's the broken promise traditional avocado toast should have delivered on. And it's cheap enough that you can afford it, and still make a down payment on that property.*

*As long as that property is a dilapidated mobile home somewhere on the outskirts of the town of Squirrel, Idaho. Sorry, housing prices are insane around here.

A picture of an avocado and a piece of toast making out that we found on the internet somewhere. Some guy who calls himself "Nate Bear" made it.

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