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Just Grab it, and Go!

We get it, you’re in a hurry. You’ve got mountains to climb, and powder to ski. You don’t have time to wait around for your food to be made. That’s why we created our grab and go options. We’ve got a wide variety of breakfast burritos and sandwiches, made fresh, waiting hot and ready for you. Just swing by on your way up to the hill, grab a burrito and coffee, and get out there.

If you’re looking for something else, feel free to call ahead, we can have your breakfast sandwich or rice bowl waiting for you when you get here. And you might as well grab a few summit beers or canned cocktails while you’re at it. We’ve got a full beer, wine, and cocktail selection to keep you hydrated out there.

We also carry a wide variety of bars, gells, and butters so you can keep yourself going during long days in the mountains. So don’t worry if you missed your alarm and don’t have time to make breakfast before you’ve got to be at the trailhead. Just swing by Yeti’s Post, grab a hot burrito, and some bars, maybe snag a box of donuts for your friends while you’re at it. They probably deserve it for waiting for you!

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