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Community Donuts

Yeti's Post didn't just spring out of nowhere. Instead it grew out of this community, out of our long experience in the restaurant industry, and out of a desire to serve Teton Valley.

While that sounds like the sort of fluffy marketing talk that every business sprouts, we do our best to express it in tangible ways. One of the most important of those is our monthly Community Donut.

Every month we work with a different local non-profit to come up with a special donut that we'll use to promote their work in the valley. Then, during that month, a portion of the proceeds from every community donut sold goes to that organization. It's our way of giving back.

Crazy restaurant hours mean that we can't be at every fundraiser in the valley, we can't make it to every trail day and pint night to help out, but we can use Yeti's Post to help fund the myriad of organizations that make this valley so special.

Why? Well, we want this valley, and the people in it, to succeed. We want to serve our food to happy, empowered people. We want to help fund the new trail you rode after you grabbed a coffee from us. We don't just want to serve you a breakfast burrito as you head off to a ski race in Jackson, we also want to help fund the scholarships that get your kid into that ski program. And when things go wrong, we want to use our donuts to help fund our volunteer Search and Rescue Team so that they're more prepared to help you. From public art, to trail building, to Junior Freeride events, we use our community donuts to put our money where our mouth is.

So come on in, grab your morning coffee and ask us who the community donut is supporting this month. There are a lot of things that make this valley special, and we want to use our donuts to support and grow all of them.

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