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Catering for Yetis

In case you hadn’t noticed, our slogan is “Food for Mountain People” and we mean it. Our physical location serves the needs of most Teton mountain folks pretty well. We’re based on the main road up into the mountains, with plenty of grab and go options, as well as bars and snacks for when you’re out in the woods. But we make food for all mountain people, not just the ones who happen to be driving through Driggs on their way to the hills. That’s why we offer extensive catering services.

We love disappearing into the mountains for long yurt trips, hitting the river for a few nights, or heading out backpacking. But we also love good food. And we hate typical mediocre backcountry food. We want the food we’re eating to be the same quality as the mountains we’re playing in. So we eat well when we’re in the backcountry, and we want you to be able to as well.

Whatever kind of trip you’re going on, we can cater it. Headed to a yurt for the weekend with a party of gluten free crossfitters? We’ll make sure you’re all eating like kings all trip. Want to start of your river trip with a special dinner? We’ll make that happen, and help figure out the logistics to keep your food fresh. Going out horsepacking? Let us feed you, sure you can drink your cowboy coffee, but eat a Yeti’s Post breakfast that any ranch hand would envy.

So skip the instant mashed potatoes and canned beans. You’ll all be sharing one tent and one outhouse anyway. Think of your palate, and your friends and have us cater your next adventure. We can work with any trip, and group size, and any dietary restrictions. Just get in touch.

And if you want a Yeti’s Post catered meal, but don’t want the mosquitos that come with backcountry dining, ask about our in-home catering options, as well as our ability to rent you our entire restaurant space.

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