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Big Foot's Summer Vacation

Summer is a challenging time for Yeti's. Our preferred environment is snowy rugged mountains, but every year around the start of May, we too get a hankering for margaritas on sandy beaches. But one (big) thing stands (quite literally) in our way: our eponymous feet. That's because while our "big" feet are a huge bonus in the winter, affording us natural snow shoes, they're a real pain in the butt in the summer. Big bare feet just mean you're even more likely to step on a nail, or trip on something stupid. And don't even get us started on how hard it is to find bike pedals that work for a Yeti. So we get grumpy in the summer. Combine that grumpiness with our thick hairy coats, high temperatures, and an influx of camera-bearing tourists, and you can see the problem

So my big footed friends and I all get pretty grumpy and antsy as the snow starts to melt. We've got places to be, things to do, and cameras to dodge. We're on the go a lot more in the summer, trying to run the antsy attitude out of ourselves. But that increased action comes at a cost, we're burning more calories and are out on the town and times we'd usually be eating meals.

Luckily Yeti's Post is stepping up to keep our angrily active attitudes in check. In addition to maintaining their regular hours, you'll be able to get Yeti's at two other times and locations.

Farmer's Market

Alex, of Alpine Air Coffee Roasting will be selling Yeti's Post donuts, along with his incredible pour-over coffee at the Friday Farmer's Market in Driggs. Grab a donut and some coffee at the Farmer's Market, and then just walk two blocks over to Yeti's Post and grab a rice bowl for lunch. Keep an eye out for a lunch discount code for Alpine Air Farmer's Market customers.

Music on Main

Music on Main is on of Teton Valley's premier summer events. And what self-respecting yeti doesn't love dancing outside to live music? So we'll be there every week this summer with rice bowl burritos and our (soon to be) world famous dirty horchata.

So swing by between sets, grab some caffeine and food to keep you dancing all night, and then come by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a breakfast bowl to help kill the hangover.

Either way, kill your summer blues with Yeti's Post at two new locations.

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