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If you peruse our menu, you might notice that a lot of our dishes feature bacon as a main protein. That’s because we really, really like bacon, and we really, really care about good bacon. We’ve all seen the memes, the trite bacon-themed accessories. For us though, the love of bacon goes much deeper. We won’t just settle for any bacon. We only serve the best.

Years ago, while splitboarding deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains, our owner finished his last powder lap of the day in a remote drainage. He was surprised to find the scent of frying pork wafting through the pines. At the bottom of a long gully he rode his board into a small clearing. There he found three yetis, frying bacon from pigs they’d raised themselves, fed on only exotic truffles. The yetis were too engrossed in their task to notice him, so he lurked, watching, trying to understand why this bacon smelled better than anything he’d ever found before. Finally one of the yetis looked up and noticed the newcomer. It panicked. Normally yetis move quickly, silently, and gracefully through the woods. But normally they’re not surprised while cooking bacon. All three yetis dropped their cooking implements and ran, screaming from small grease burns.

Instead of chasing them, he skinned into the clearing and examined their rudimentary kitchen. Then he fixed the fire and started where they’d left off, finishing their bacon. He could feel them watching him from the woods. Finally, the smallest yeti stepped back into the clearing. He’d seen his splitboard and was intrigued. Our founder saw his opportunity. He traded the small yeti family his splitboard, and a few day-old donuts that were in his pack. In exchange, they took him in for a three month apprenticeship where they taught him how to make real bacon, yeti style.

When he emerged, almost as hairy as his hosts, he knew he had to share his gift with the world. Thus Yeti’s Post was born, and that’s why our bacon is the best bacon you’ll ever eat, outside of a real yeti’s wigwam.

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