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A Feast Fit for a Yeti

One of Yeti’s Post’s more unique offerings is our weekly Sunday night feast. It’s an opportunity for us to experiment with new flavors and dishes that we can’t offer on our regular menu, in a more intimate group setting.

Every Monday we release the menu for the next week’s feast. It’s only available at our physical location, so come by and check it out. Generally the feast is several courses built around a theme, like “Chicken Fry” or “Jamaican Island.” From appetizers to dessert, it’s one coherent meal centered on the flavors and ingredients of that week’s theme.

Each week there are only ten seats available for the feast. So sign up early to make sure you get a spot. Our feasts are an especially great if you’ve got friends or family in town. Sign up early and you’ve basically got an affordable private catered dinner to share with your loved ones. Or roll the dice and meet new people. Our feasts are a perfect option for special dates.

Feasts cost $30 a head, drinks not included. Yeti’s Post has a huge selection of local and craft beers, canned wine, wine coolers, and canned cocktails.

So wander on down, grab a donut, check out this week’s menu, and sign yourself up for a unique evening of food, fun, and friends.

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