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A Case Study in Community

A couple of months ago we wrote about our community donuts. They're a really important part of how we thank the community that makes Yeti's Post possible, and they allow us to help out local non-profits in a tangible way.

A perfect recent example is our recent community donut partnership with Teton Mountain Bike Alliance and Mountain Bike the Tetons. These two organizations do a huge amount of work to make mountain biking in Teton Valley as great as it can possibly be. We sold custom knobby tire donuts all month, collecting a portion of the proceeds to donate to MBT. That donation will help them buy tools to build and maintain trail. MBT has a full time trail crew that works with volunteers to make sure all of the single track in the valley stays clean and maintained, and works with the forrest service to build new trails and resurrect old ones.

Just last week TMBA and MBT worked together to rebuild the classic KILL Bridge, one of the original wooden features in the valley on the Sharksbelly trail in Horseshoe Canyon. This bridge has a lot of history for many local riders, but after years of use was starting to show its age. The team tore up the old bridge, saving as much lumber and fasteners as possible and then built a strong new sustainable bridge that maintains the character of the original but will be safe and fun to ride for years to come. Collaborations like that are at the heart of why we do Community Donuts. We love living and playing here, and we want to keep building that sort of awesome culture in Teton Valley.

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